Winnipeg Jeet Kune Do (JKD) Lessons
For Adults 18+

Jeet Kune Do “Way of the Intercepting Fist,” the martial art that Bruce Lee created and often highlighted in his motion pictures, is a dynamic and explosive martial art that flows through all ranges.


Classroom Experience

When you come to Evolution Martial Arts for class, friendly students welcome you into a positive learning environment. Class officially begins with all students lining up to perform a simple bow-in to the instructor. Over the hour, you will receive professional Jeet Kune Do instruction that will increase your ability to apply yourself in a combative situation and your daily life. Instruction consists of JKD philosophy, demonstrations, drills, and practicing movements with other students and the instructor. Class sizes are small and intimate, so every student can receive appropriate instructor one-on-one time. After class, all students line up and are allowed to ask questions; then, a final bow-out is performed to conclude the session.

Your safety is paramount! All movements and drills are done in the safest manner possible, at your own pace and ability. Please bring your water bottle. 

 All training equipment is provided for the class, except mouthguards. Students are welcome to bring their instructor-approved punching/finger gloves. 


  • A school shirt(uniform) is required; the cost is $25.
  • Shorts or pants of your choice.
  • Mouthguard
  • Indoor shoes
  • Hydration bottle. (A water fountain is on-site.)

Student Goals

Our goal is for you to enhance your physical health and abilities through the challenges of physical exercises used in class, which are necessary for any self-defense situation. By examining your movements for self-improvement, you will gain a heightened mental focus that will lead to greater inner confidence from the new skills you acquire from progressively more challenging drills. With this investment, you will have a new perspective on problem-solving by applying core JKD principles and exploring the fusion of philosophy and movement, allowing you to live a fuller life to take on any challenge.

Core Principles

Working on being balanced and strong in your stance.
Being able to move fluidly through space.
Creating dynamic hits with speed & power.
Learning to use the feet in a combative manner.
Manipulating others
Learning to redirect kinetic energy from an outside force.


Sifu Joel Ledlow is a Full Instructor under Jerry Poteet in Jeet Kune Do, the martial art founded by the iconic Bruce Lee. Jerry Poteet trained with Bruce Lee at the Chinatown school in Los Angeles and was part of a select group who trained additionally at Bruce’s house.

Sifu Joel Ledlow

Program Features

Designed around people with busy lives.

Multiple Days
Classes are held on multiple days. Choose which days work best for you.
Missed Classes
When a student misses a class, they are able to join one of the online classes as a make up class.
Monthly Contracts
No long term contracts allows you to easily modify your tuition plan.

Class Schedule

8-9 pm
8-9 pm
6-7 pm

In-Person Location

Cresentwood Community Center (Basement Gym) 1170 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg, MB Get Directions

Not in the Winnipeg area? Try the Live Online Lessons.

Tuition Fees

  • Scout
  • $84 CAD
  • monthly
  • For those that wish to learn JKD casually over time or who have very busy lives.
  • 1
  • Weekly Class
  • Most Popular
  • Explorer
  • $168 CAD
  • monthly
  • For the more serious student looking to double their effort and time in learning JKD to reach a proficient level sooner.
  • 2
  • Weekly Classes
  • Private Training
  • $131.25 CAD
  • per session
  • For those wanting one on one training.
  • 1
  • Session
All prices include sale tax.

Payment options: Cheque or e-transfer for initial payment, then automatic. PayPal for those living outside of Canada.
I want to learn JKD! How do I start?
Start by submitting the Free Trial form below and we will get back to you with all the details.
I want to learn JKD! How do I start?
Start by submitting the Free Trial form and we will get back to you with all the details.