Martial Art Styles
Evolution Martial Arts offers two programs depending on age group.
Jeet Kune Do
The Jeet Kune Do program follows the teachings of Bruce Lee and the philosophies that he shared with Jerry Poteet.   The exercises center around the principles of:
  • Always think hit
  • Simplicity
  • Efficiency
  • Longest weapon to the nearest target
Training uses the mind and body in coordination to shape hits and problem solve when encountering obstructions. The perspective gained is easily translated into daily life. 

Duo Ji Kung Fu
The Duo Ji Kung Fu program takes a broad approach to martial arts cultivation. Students develop striking skills with: hands, kicking, tumbling, throwing, grappling, restraints and how to counter each of these.

This is great for overall development of a student. The coordination and strength development students get from this training has a huge impact on creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.