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Evolution Martial Arts is excited to announce our brand new website to pack even more value into our student tuition!

This new site is built on the latest web technologies and formatted to display nicely on any modern computing device. You’ll be able to easily follow and keep current with the latest information and events from anywhere in the world.

The new Student Only Portal will be a password secured area where students can login and view the following:

  1. Program specific information and updates.
  2. Upcoming Events
  3. Private Blog Posts from Sifu Joel
  4. Additional Training Videos
  5. Online store to purchase t-shirts and other gear.
  6. Plus even more...

Students soon will be issued access credentials to login to the new student portal, which will receive an email with instructions once it’s ready for primetime.

We have a lot of new exciting TOP SECRET things in the works that we’ll be rolling out over time.