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Teens JKD

Teen Program (ages 12-17)

Monday and Wednesday from 5:30pm-6:30pm

Classes are held in the Multipurpose Room at the River Heights location of the Corydon Community Centre, 1370 Grosvenor Ave. (map)



     3)Critical Thinking

     3)Positive Outlook

This hybrid program continues with the Duo Ji Kung Fu curriculum found in the Kids Program but with additional dynamic movement and philosophies from Bruce Lee’s martial art, Jeet Kune Do. Students still have developmental movements from the Kids Kung Fu Program, but they also have the performance enhancing movements from JKD added to their curriculum. The result is a class built specifically for teens that will allow them to continue their growth.

Classes work on the developmental needs of teenage students, working to increase their overall athleticism, focus, and confidence. They train in a positive environment that encourages creativity and discovery through the exploration of movement without the fear of “getting it wrong”. In order to learn, one must make mistakes.

Exercise and meditation allow the Teen students to better manage the hormonal shifts associated with puberty. In this class, they will be guided through exercises that will allow them to discover their own potential through their own efforts. The Teen program works with students to help give them the tools they need to combat Life. The movements are just tools to help the individuals grow more confident in the use of their physical and mental abilities, increasing the strength of both. These students are practicing for the near future when they are considered adults and will likely be transitioning into an environment outside of their parents’ home.

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