Winnipeg Kung Fu Lessons
For Juniors 11-17


This hybrid program continues with the Duo Ji Kung Fu curriculum found in the Kids Program but with additional dynamic movement and philosophies from Bruce Lee’s martial art, Jeet Kune Do.

Students still have movements from the Junior Kung Fu Program, but they also have the performance-enhancing movements from JKD added to their curriculum. The result is a class built specifically for teens that will allow them to continue their growth.

Classes work on the developmental needs of teenage students, working to increase their overall athleticism, focus, and confidence. They train in a positive environment that encourages creativity and discovery through the exploration of movement without the fear of “getting it wrong”. In order to learn, one must make mistakes.

Exercise and meditation allow Junior students to better manage the hormonal shifts associated with puberty. In this class, they will be guided through exercises that will allow them to discover their own potential through their own efforts. The Junior program works with students to help give them the tools they need to combat life.

Classroom Experience

Students line up at the beginning of class. All students receive a school shirt and rank belt. They are allowed to wear athletic pants and shoes of their choosing. The class begins with a group bow in.

Junior Kung Fu students can expect to address various issues that impact them directly. This is used to guide their lessons so that they can more clearly see the application to them personally.

Warm-ups, stretching, and strength exercises are geared specifically to address the needs of a teenage body. These are designed to help them work through growth spurts and develop a healthy lifestyle into adulthood.

All drills are done with student safety in mind. Performance during any drill begins with understanding the safest way to do it. Junior students often come into bursts of new strength. The exercises help them discover this and recognize how to utilize this new strength.

All training equipment is provided for the class, except mouth guards. Students are welcome to bring their own instructor approved punching/finger gloves. 

Uniforms: A school shirt is required. Cost is $25. Shorts/pants of choice. Indoor shoes required. 

Student Goals

Evolution Martial Arts wants to help these young people during this transition through their teenage years and help them become positive, healthy adults.

We use the 3 Rules of Kung Fu to help them shift their perspective so that they can include themselves in the adult world.

Listen to Trusted Adults: These students will often be off on their own and listening to themselves. And as an adult, you still seek out trusted adults.

Don’t hurt anyone: Many students begin to see that they have greater responsibilities. As they come into driving age, they begin to see the weight that poor choices can yield.

Have fun: As their lives shift toward adulthood, we encourage them to continue seeking out the “fun” in all they do.


Core Principles

  1. Coordination
  2. Strength
  3. Flexibility
  1. Focus
  2. Creativity
  3. Critical Thinking
  1. Confidence
  2. Harmony
  3. Positive Outlook
Sifu Joel Ledlow is a Full Instructor under Jerry Poteet in Jeet Kune Do, the martial art founded by the iconic Bruce Lee. Jerry Poteet trained with Bruce Lee at the Chinatown school in Los Angeles and was part of a select group that trained additionally at Bruce’s house.

Sifu Joel Ledlow

Program Features

We try to be extremely accommodating to fit your life.

Multiple Days
Classes are held on multiple days. Choose which days work best for you.
Missed Classes
Students can make up missed classes on other days. Must be scheduled with the instructor.
Monthly Contracts
Contracts are month to month.

Class Schedule

Classes resume Wednesday, September 7th!

The Junior class is held offered four times per week at the following times.



1370 Grosvenor Ave Winnipeg, MB
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Tuition Fees

  • Scout
  • $84 CAD
  • monthly
  • For those that wish to learn casually over time or who have very busy lives.
  • 1
  • Weekly Class
  • Most Popular
  • Explorer
  • $168 CAD
  • monthly
  • For the more serious student looking to double their effort and time in learning to reach a proficient level sooner.
  • 2
  • Weekly Classes
  • Adventurer
  • $252
  • For the very serious student looking to get the most out of training and develop their skills.
All prices include sale tax.

Payment options: Cheque or e-transfer for initial payment, then automatic payments.
I want to learn JKD! How do I start?
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I want to learn Kung Fu! How do I start?
Start by submitting the Free Trial form and we will get back to you with all the details.