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Winnipeg, Canada

Kids Kung Fu

The style taught is Duo Ji Kung Fu.

Duo Ji means “Many Ways” and Kung Fu means “skill acquired over time”. Duo Ji Kung Fu was founded by Ed Monaghan, who blended tradition with modern practicality.


Kids After-School Kung Fu (ages 5-12)

Evolution Martial Arts Winnipeg offers an active enrichment program for children located at River Heights Community Centre (map link) in Winnipeg, MB.


Pick up and escort available (additional charge) from:

Oak Street Nursery School and Robert H Smith School

Children can be enrolled 1, 2, 3 or 5 days, Monday – Friday.

Children will have time to change and have a quick snack (provided by parents) before the 60 minute

class, 4-5pm. They will remain with the instructor until pick-up by a guardian between 5-5:30pm.





Training in Kung Fu is not about fighting. It is also not about coming in and learning a bunch of techniques, but rather using these movements to help students explore and discover how to better use their own body. They are cultivating awareness, understanding and creativity in movement. The use of a single technique is only limited by the creativity of the individual. We are a Martial Art, which means that we use combative movements to express ourselves.

We challenge the Body, the Mind and the Spirit. Physical movements are backed by a keen mind and driven by a strong spirit. These things must be cultivated.



  • Healthy Muscle Development
  • Helps Fight Obesity
  • Improves Balance & Coordination
  • Cardiovascular Exercise for a Healthy Heart



  • Better Focus & Attention
  • Discipline & Control of Self
  • Creativity
  • Increased Problem Solving



  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Determination
  • Positive Outlook


The teaching of our Kung Fu is centered on our 3 Rules.

Rule #1 Listen to Trusted Adults.

We all listen to trusted adults. I listen to my wife, the doctor, the mechanic, a student’s parents. Students are practicing this skill in class with the expectation of being able to better apply it outside of Kung Fu.

Rule #2 Don’t Hurt Anyone.

This applies to others in a broad spectrum, but it also applies to oneself. There are many ways to be hurtful to oneself, and we work to develop a more positive outlook. It’s not OK to beat someone else up. It’s also not OK to beat yourself up. Instead, take responsibility and learn from your mistake.

Rule #3 Have Fun.

Yes, have fun! If we listen and are not being hurtful, then we should work to enjoy what we are doing. Whatever that may be. Happiness is something that should be cultivated too.

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